About Meike

Meike Laurenson is a textile artist [ret.], author and smallholder.

Feltmaker and Designer – retired

It was fascinating to find that I could create a fabric from woollen fibres without the use of any special tools, linking the tactile qualities of draping clay and felt and create a 3D object which has an instant effect on the wearer. All my wearables were hand crafted, one-offs and as such a very personal statement – hats, waistcoats or scarves.

I still offer Show & Tell talks to groups entitled Me & My Hats and have done so since 2005. Time to support others: offering studio space for artists in the garden and selling 8x8cm tiles, hand-embroidered by Afghan village women. Their little master pieces are a challenge for European women to utilise somehow. Afghan women gain a feel good factor by continuing their traditional skill. It also enables them to provide three meals a day.

Cultivating one’s garden is less about saving money or burying one’s head in the sand, but about dealing in the things that really matter. Voltaire


My garden extends to 3 1/2 acres. It feeds me with more than edibles, led me to explore the arts in the widest sense and caring for it is a life-style which I enjoy. Part of mini estate at one time, now a garden with a particular interest in creating Land Art to be experienced by all the senses as well as permaculture, organic food & herb growing and providing habitats for wildlife. Bee hives attended by the local beekeeping club. Victorian park area with lots of trees and stone lined pond. WWOOF host since 1982, once actively promoting organics – now enjoying the smallholding as a retirement project.