An autobiography by Meike Laurenson

When I became  English

Post-War Germany to England by Meike Laurenson

When-i-became-english-coverNow listed by six Amazon Bookstores stocking the paperback and kindle edition of my book, including:

Meike Laurenson was born in Germany in 1938, left home and country aged eighteen and married the same year. With her three sons at school, she trained as a teacher, divorced, taught for 22 years and took early retirement to concentrate on the Arts in the widest sense with a new partner. Inspired by The Good Life, she became an organic smallholder, shepherdess, gained her BA degree, became journal editor of Felt Matters, was known as the Hat Lady and is now a happily married grandmother within a patchwork family.

An unsentimental but reflective account of a life written in the form of a series of short essays that sparkingly cascade into a brilliant and indivisible whole.

Meike’s sharp perception of herself and those who have journeyed with her through the years is conveyed to the reader with both feeling and lightness of touch but without at any point sacrificing either her integrity or humanity.

— Sean Hawkins, The Ancient House Bookshop


On a more personal level, the book recalls my survival of divorce, the subsequent loss of my soul mate and finally my achievement as a textile artist while celebrating a second marriage and my patchwork family.

The Bombing of Lűbeck
The Bombing of Lűbeck
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